Keeper Cover Reveal

Today is the day! I hope everyone loves this cover as much as I do. Along with the cover reveal, I have some updates on release date. As always, Keeper will be available exclusively on Amazon. This weekend I will be working on setting up the pre-order for Keeper. The release date will be November 4th, 2017, just five short weeks away. It will be here before you know. Now I’m off to continue my revisions and editing of Keeper. Enjoy your weekend!

Keeper Update

I’m excited to share that Keeper is finally complete. It has definitely been a labor of love and through the ups and downs of the last six months or so, it has sometimes been a struggle. By struggle, I mean that I did not want what was happening in my personal life to affect Keeper, Ashlinn and Alaric’s story deserves nothing but the best of my attention. Writing can some times take on the mood of the writer, we are only human after all. But when it was all said and done, after writing the final chapter, I was thoroughly pleased with the outcome. I can’t wait to share it with you. Now for the hard part, I have begun the editing process and hope to have that phase complete within the next month. Once through that process I will be making Keeper available for pre-order on Amazon at a reduced price during the pre-order period. More info on that to come at a later date.

Now for the good stuff. Keeper’s cover is complete and I have set the cover reveal date for September 30, 2017, A belated birthday present for myself. That afternoon I will be participating in an author take over event from 5:00-6:00 EDT/4:00-5:00 CDT in the Facebook group For the Love of Books. I invite everyone to join in the fun.

For those of you who like teasers, here’s and excerpt from Keeper. Hope you enjoy.



I’m brought out of my ponderings over the last few weeks to see that Alaric is approaching me and the twins. Damn but the male can wear a pair of jeans and a simple black tee shirt, the jeans sit low on his hips, and the tee hugs him almost like a second skin. I could watch him all day long. Standing, I now only have eyes for my kindred, and I watch as he approaches. His walk becomes almost a swagger, and when my gaze hits his face, I see that he’s smirking and his dimples are deeply etched in his cheeks.

“Like what you see mo grá?” He asks.

Knowing that I was just caught checking him out, again, my comeback is sassy, “I’ve seen better.”

Chuckling, he walks right up to me and grabs me by the waist pulling me to him, his eyes intense, before saying, “Ash, you wound me. I thought I was your one and only heart’s desire.”

“Well, my gorgeous Elf-Man, there is one other male that owns a piece of my heart.”

“No, mo grá, say it isn’t so. Tell me what I must do to win back your heart. I will do anything.” He plays along with me. “Tell me? Is he as tall as me?”

“That remains to be seen, he is but a wee little man,” I say, my lips twitching, begging to break out into a full-on grin.

“Curious, is he a dwarf or maybe a gnome? No? Is he a sprite? You could be under the influence of his pixie dust.” He proclaims a serious look on his face, his eyes twinkling.

Laughing out loud, he spins me around, and I ask, “Pixie dust? I thought that only disoriented the enemy?” He spins me around again before smothering my laughter with a kiss.

“Wee little man? I certainly hope you are referring to our wee little man. Oh, and pixie dust is a majical substance, it has the power to render the individual it is intended for to experience a number of different things, disorientation is only one of them and is commonly used in that regard during battle.” Alaric replies as he begins to trail sweet kisses down the column of my neck.

While enjoying Alaric’s attention, I call out, “Jasmine, we need to talk about your pixie dust, you’ve been keeping secrets from me.” Alaric’s hot kisses make it back to my earlobe, and he pulls it into his mouth between his teeth, and I suck in a breath. I’m lost to his touch as the entire world around us falls away.

Suddenly, water is raining down on us, and I jerk away from Alaric to see what the heck has happened. Jasmine is laughing, a full-on belly laugh in mid-air above us. She is completely doubled over and is no doubt responsible for our mini cold shower. Mischievous little water pixie.

“You should have seen your faces. Oh by the goddess, that was hilarious.” Jasmine squeaks out.

“Nice one, Jaz,” Lexie calls from the back deck. “You two are insatiable. Keep it up, and there’ll be another bun in the oven, or two.” Her laughter rings out across the backyard.

“Hilarious, both of you…”



Lemons or Chocolate?

Well this week, life handed me a boat load of lemons, more than I really wanted or felt capable of handling at the time. It has taken me a really long time to realize that lemons don’t always make lemonade, contrary to what “they” say. Sometimes they are just sour and no matter how much sugar you put on them in the end, they are still lemons. I think that a lemon is a lemon and ultimately we have a choice. We can accept the lemon as it is or we can reject it. I have decide that I refuse to accept the lemons that were handed to me this week. I’m chucking them back and I’m demanding my fair share of chocolate.

I believe that the good Lord above will only give us so many burdens to bear, in his or her infinite wisdom (and yes I included “her” in my reference to the almighty), I believe that we are being tested daily. Some more than others. Have I screwed up in my lifetime? Hell… to the yes on that, I’m definitely not perfect. I honestly don’t believe that anyone reading this can say, “No , I’m perfect, this does not apply to me.” If you think so you are only fooling yourself.

Lemons are inevitable. Everyone that reads this blog will experience their fair share of lemons in their life. Its what you choose to do with them that matters. Will you accept them into your life as they are? Or will you challenge them? Toss them back and demand what you want? I for one am going to demand chocolate in the place of lemons. I deserve chocolate. What do you deserve? Only you can determine that. Dig deep and determine your self worth.

What’s your passion?

Over the last couple of weeks I have taken a break from writing. Yes, everyone needs to take a break but what I have learned, is this. My mind is now so connected to story telling that I can’t take a break. I may not be actively writing but I am actively building the story to come. I have found my passion. Maybe a little late in life, it has been found none the less.

Not all of us are destined to make a living at what we love. Most of us that have a gift or talent for art will never make a living by indulging in our passion. Hence the term, starving artist. Having said that, we should all find what we love to do. If you love reading? Read. If you love to paint? Paint. If you want to write? Write. Who cares if you don’t have an audience. If it makes you feel good then do what you love. I have found that I love to write. I really don’t care what others think of my writing, it is my own. I wrote that and I’m proud of my accomplishment.

So… What’s your passion?

Feeling Nostalgic…

About a year ago, I set off on a journey. One I never thought, in a million years that I would travel. Thanks to Amazon and the ease of publishing in this day and age, I have not only published one book but by tomorrow on March 25th, 2017, I will have published two books in a span in one year’s time. I see that as quite an accomplishment. Close to 800 pages in print and I’m still going. For years, I’ve had stories in my head that I would play out night after night. I’ve been an insomniac who could not turn her brain off my whole life. Instead of attempting to write, I read. I’ve always been an insatiable reader, as early as second and third grade, I remember that I could not wait to go to the library. Reading has always been my thing but I never once thought that I could write. Fear of failure probably played a big role. Fear that no one would like my story or stories. Fear that I wasn’t good enough to be a writer.  Fear of putting myself out there for someone else to tear me down.

I’m here to tell you that nothing has been more freeing. Who cares if no one likes  my book? I’m published for freakin’ sake! I wrote a book! Not one but I’m working on a series. Books are magical or in A Realm of the Otherworld Series, they are majical! Reading has the ability to take us from one plan of existence to another. Books are our therapy.

If there is one thing that I would like for you to take away from this post it is this, don’t let FEAR hold you back. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. We give in too easily to our fears and don’t strive for more. I encourage you to strive for more and be who you want to be!

Chosen is ready for release!

I am happy to say that Chosen is uploaded and ready for release. For those of you that have pre-ordered Chosen e-book edition, you should be receiving it tomorrow. That’s right! I was able to get Chosen out to you almost a week earlier than I had thought since my last post. For those of you who have not pre-ordered Chosen, I will honor the pre-order price of $2.99 through the end of March. April 1st the price will be going up to it’s list price of $3.99.

Print copy of Chosen was uploaded this morning and I hope to have it available by the first of the week. In other news, starting tomorrow and running through April 1st, Kindred will be available for $0.99 to celebrate Chosen’s release. I hope that you all enjoy Chosen as much as I enjoyed writing this leg of Ashlinn and Alaric’s story. For your convenience see links below.


Kindred Amazon Link






3d-chosen-book-2     Chosen Amazon Link

Learning from past mistakes…

As most of you know, this past year I embarked on a new adventure. I have written and published my first book in a series and until moments ago I was two weeks away from releasing Chosen, Book 2 in A Realms of the Otherworld Series. Even though Chosen is complete, I’m far from ready to release it. I don’t have a publisher, an editor, or an agent so the deadline I set for myself is totally self-imposed. I have literally gone back and forth all day on whether or not I can get Chosen ready for publication in time. In the end, I decided to err on the side of caution and learn from my past mistakes.

If I have learned anything in the past year, it is that no matter how excited I am to share my newest release with everyone, this is not a process that I can rush without making mistakes. I need to take my time with Chosen, it needs some additional polishing up so that when it’s time to be released it will shine like a brand new penny. So today, I decided to take my past mistakes and use them as stepping-stones to propel me further in my endeavor to bring the stories in my head to life rather than letting them bog me down. Once the decision was made to delay the release date, I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders.

Chosen’s new release date is set for March 31st, 2017 and is available for pre-order on Amazon. If I can manage to get it ready before then you will be the first know. Ashlinn and Alaric’s latest struggles and adventures await. Until next time, I hope that you all are able to use your mistakes as stepping-stones to further you in your adventures and in life. I will be busy for the next few weeks working on editing, formatting, developing the synopsis, and print cover development. The pre-order link is provided below. Have a good weekend everyone.

Chosen Amazon link

Chosen Cover Reveal

I have been so excited to reveal this cover. Dane did an amazing job bringing my thoughts to life. Chosen is set to be released on 03/17/2017. I set up the pre-order on Amazon this morning so that should be available within the next couple of days. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Chosen Cover Reveal

I’m very excited to reveal Chosen Book 2 in the series cover. Mark your calendars for Tuesday the 21st! I have to say that Dane, with Ebook Launch, out did himself on this one. I can’t stop looking at it. If you are seeing this post for the first time you can check out Kindred Book 1 of the Realms of the Otherworld Series, exclusive to Amazon in ebook format, soon to be released to print.