Lemons or Chocolate?

Well this week, life handed me a boat load of lemons, more than I really wanted or felt capable of handling at the time. It has taken me a really long time to realize that lemons don’t always make lemonade, contrary to what “they” say. Sometimes they are just sour and no matter how much sugar you put on them in the end, they are still lemons. I think that a lemon is a lemon and ultimately we have a choice. We can accept the lemon as it is or we can reject it. I have decide that I refuse to accept the lemons that were handed to me this week. I’m chucking them back and I’m demanding my fair share of chocolate.

I believe that the good Lord above will only give us so many burdens to bear, in his or her infinite wisdom (and yes I included “her” in my reference to the almighty), I believe that we are being tested daily. Some more than others. Have I screwed up in my lifetime? Hell… to the yes on that, I’m definitely not perfect. I honestly don’t believe that anyone reading this can say, “No , I’m perfect, this does not apply to me.” If you think so you are only fooling yourself.

Lemons are inevitable. Everyone that reads this blog will experience their fair share of lemons in their life. Its what you choose to do with them that matters. Will you accept them into your life as they are? Or will you challenge them? Toss them back and demand what you want? I for one am going to demand chocolate in the place of lemons. I deserve chocolate. What do you deserve? Only you can determine that. Dig deep and determine your self worth.

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