New Year’s Hopes and Wishes

I for one am ready to put 2017 behind me. This past year has been wrought with difficult changes and trying times. There have been good times and bad, accomplishments and setbacks, and quite a few changes that have been difficult to overcome. So I say, out with the old and in with the new. 2018 is just hours away, and I’m looking forward to opening the cover to a new book in my life, a book that will challenge me to write a better year for myself. This upcoming year I challenge myself to take a risk, to work on breaking bad habits, to travel to somewhere I’ve never been, to try something new, it could be a food I’ve never eaten, or it could be something that takes me outside of my comfort zone, and to also remember to do good deeds for others throughout the year.

With the New Year comes new beginnings, hopes and wishes for a better year, not only for myself but for family and friends. Here’s to writing a new chapter in my life and for you to do the same. Here’s to welcoming a new year and putting 2017 behind us. I’m ready to put that metaphorical book away, that was 2017, and put it on the shelf to be revisited only when I need to remind myself that there are better times ahead. As always, when I pick up a new book I’m excited as to where it will take me. Where will 2018 take you? I wish you all hope, wonder, and new beginnings. Happy New Year everyone.

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