Learning from past mistakes…

As most of you know, this past year I embarked on a new adventure. I have written and published my first book in a series and until moments ago I was two weeks away from releasing Chosen, Book 2 in A Realms of the Otherworld Series. Even though Chosen is complete, I’m far from ready to release it. I don’t have a publisher, an editor, or an agent so the deadline I set for myself is totally self-imposed. I have literally gone back and forth all day on whether or not I can get Chosen ready for publication in time. In the end, I decided to err on the side of caution and learn from my past mistakes.

If I have learned anything in the past year, it is that no matter how excited I am to share my newest release with everyone, this is not a process that I can rush without making mistakes. I need to take my time with Chosen, it needs some additional polishing up so that when it’s time to be released it will shine like a brand new penny. So today, I decided to take my past mistakes and use them as stepping-stones to propel me further in my endeavor to bring the stories in my head to life rather than letting them bog me down. Once the decision was made to delay the release date, I felt a weight lifted from my shoulders.

Chosen’s new release date is set for March 31st, 2017 and is available for pre-order on Amazon. If I can manage to get it ready before then you will be the first know. Ashlinn and Alaric’s latest struggles and adventures await. Until next time, I hope that you all are able to use your mistakes as stepping-stones to further you in your adventures and in life. I will be busy for the next few weeks working on editing, formatting, developing the synopsis, and print cover development. The pre-order link is provided below. Have a good weekend everyone.

Chosen Amazon link

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